DECEMBER   December 2013: Winterizing udder health routines  
Udder cleanliness key to udder health

Refer to the ORBESEAL® label for complete instructions on proper administration at dry off and removal at freshening.
SPECTRAMAST® LC has a two-day pre-slaughter withdrawal time and a 72-hour milk withhold.
SPECTRAMAST® DC has a 16-day pre-slaughter withdrawal time and zero-day milk withhold following a 30-day dry period.
Following a two-day therapy, PIRSUE® has a nine-day pre-slaughter withdrawal time or 21 days following extended therapy.
A 36-hour milk withhold is required.
ALBADRY PLUS® has a 30-day pre-slaughter withdrawal time and a 72 hour milk withhold.
Use of the above products in a manner other than indicated may result in violative residues.

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